Why I chose Animas High School

I chose Animas High School because of project-based learning, school culture, social acceptance, and the small-school feel. In my previous experiences at schools, I found that I was constantly bored with the curriculum. Even though I received good scores on regurgitated information, I never retained it. I was never excited to jump into a project and give it all my effort, I always gave just what was required, no more, no less. We were handed a worksheet and told to “just figure it out”, I never had a chance to push myself and find things that I actually enjoyed.


Coming to Animas has been an amazing opportunity. I used to always wait until it was required to speak, but now I feel comfortable adding my opinion and viewpoint into a conversation. I’m excited to start new projects and to create an interpretation that I am proud of. I think specifically the amazing humanities teachers have helped me realize that I want to study humanities in college.

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